The Nasty just got NastieR

Special Ops Briefing:

We are looking for your help to put the final touches on our newest stick – the NastyR!

This is a beast of a stick!
•10g lighter than the Nasty
•Softer blade – Easier to Load Up & Receive Passes
•Graphite Weave on Shaft to Enhance Puck Feel

To get your hands on one today, here’s what you have to do:
1.Call us at 1-888-728-6977 (sorry we cannot accept orders via email)
2.We’ll make sure you’re on the Special Ops Team
3.We process a stick with YOUR specs
4.We process a one-time discount of ~30% off the price of your stick
5.The stick will begin production and ship to either your door or a BASE Hub!
6.Give us your feedback – send your pictures/videos/thoughts to


As a tester you will receive a NastyR with some different artwork options. Please let us know which features you like best!

MAY 18TH, 2014